Over-Hyped for Campaign.

With the latest FuD and Scanned trailer… I am blown away by the level of polish and emotional depth 343 has given the Halo universe. The Cortana shorts before FuD especially speak to how much love they’re going to put into Halo 4’s story.

I am so excited to play campaign I can’t stand it. We don’t get VIP, Forge spaces are a little cramped, and there will undoubtedly be an overpowered Loadout combination… But this story is going to be GOOD.

I agree, I’m diving into the story ASAP, I think itll be grand scale and epic, as they seem to be all around taking a much more serious approach to the Halo Universe in general.

I could tell it was going to be good just by how much 343 has been hinting towards it through the books, particularly Greg Bear’s novels which, in my opinion are just fantastic.

If everything ties together in a nice neat bow by the end of this trilogy I will be a very happy man…if I’m here that long that is. :stuck_out_tongue:

> I hate you. No Cortana don’t say that.

I think Cortana is a schizophrenic. :open_mouth:

They are doing an outstanding job at getting me really excited for campaign. If they put half the energy into the game as they have in marketing it, I’m sure I’ll be happy. Their attention to detail and the manor in which they tell stories is awesome.

Like you OP the wait is killing me.

18 days, that’s a long time. I want to play campaign, I want to experience the next chapter of the halo saga.

> > I hate you. No Cortana don’t say that.
> I think Cortana is a schizophrenic. :open_mouth:

Nah. She has a personality disorder.

Yeah, screw multiplayer, I want my Campaign!

> Yeah, screw multiplayer, I want my Campaign!


Omg a thousands times this

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Though I’ll be playing multiplayer first (midnight release party!!!) I will be dying to get into the campaign! I watched the “Scanned” trailer this morning before work, & it’s seriously making the wait for Nov 6 that much harder!


I heard the opposite

And with that as your first post your credibility is low right now


Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you’re the type of person who plays an illegal copy of the game, I am discarding your opinion immediately. <3

Plays an illegal copy and pretty much makes an account solely to bash

Yup totally reliable