Over a year dince release, how are the weapons received now?

Is the AR still “too OP” and id the Bulldog still a hated weapon since it replaced tge old Shotgun.

I am curious to see how the perception of weapons have changed since Halo Infinite came out, and if the DMR will go throughvthe same cycle when it comes.


The AR while not “too OP” Definetly still needs a nerf
needs a reduction to iys range or its DMG output (not both) and needs to loose the headshot multiplyer
Its far too strong for what its meant to be

The BR, I’m fine with its TTK is on par with H3, even with its slight nerf I’m ok with it although I’d prefer it to go back to being projectile instead of hit scan

The Sniper feels awful on controller…still

The Commando Feels better on controller

The side kick could probably use a ROF nerf, but in saying that, there’s no point in nerfing the ROF if you don’t make adjustments to the AR

Bulldog could probably use a buff IMO a 3-4sk shotgun really isn’t a shotgun

Rockets and sword are rockets and sword

Plasma carbine has always been decent imo and its even better after the buff

Plasma pistol is insanely stupid after the buff, hard to hit shots yes but jesus if you can hit them…

The disruptor is really strong when used properly

Shock rifle is superior to the Sniper if you use it effectively

I still find the Stalker rifle to be useless

Mangler is decent

Ravenger is pretty much pointless

Hydra is really only viable in BtB

Skewer needs less AA imo

Needler in the right hands is practicaly a power weapon

blah blah blah

Over all I’m not a big fna of the way they nerfed the mangler by dropping melee damage by 10% across the board, but the sandbox is probably the best sandbox since H3/reach


Okay seriously it’s a 2-bang. You seriously need to brush up on your Bulldog skills.

The AR is still too busted, but the Bulldog is something people like now. Most people learned how to use it.



it has a crazy fast TTK and a 3SK that bleeds through shields

Ravager is actually good now. Did you know it gets a headshot bonus and always did?

Why? You can 2-3 bang somebody with it easy.


AR too OP? The gun with huge bullet spread, recoil and inability to do headshots? The one that gets destroyed by a simple pistol at any given range? And that’s a gun you’re holding for <90% of the time, it needs some serious adjustments, whether to its accuracy or enabling headshots.

BR is fairly balanced now, it’s not an “in your face”/“free kills” OP gun anymore, duels against BR finally feel fair, unless long range obviously.

Pistol - this thing needs a nerf, either tone down the rate of fire or damage, so it’ll indeed be as the name suggest, a side arm, not the main gun. Nothing pisses me off more than all those pathetic pistol boys who melt you down in a second whether it’s 3 or 30m distance while you’re completely hopeless with a fully-auto rifle, this just doesn’t make any sense at all.

Commando is still an uncontrollable trash on a controller, and for whatever the reason, the longer you hold the trigger the more out of sync the shots get, it’s like the gun keeps shooting faster and faster while the bullets travel slower and slower, very bad.

Bulldog has been nerfed, it does feel fairy balanced now, although I’m not sure if 4 shots at like 8-12m range isn’t too much.

Gravity Hammer to my surprise actually works as of recently, really consistent, finally worth picking up.

Sniper, similar to Commando, plays bad on a controller, it’s better just just pick up BR if you want something for long range.

Sentinel beam, same as above, worst controlled gun in the game along Commando.

Plasma pistol and Ravager IMO need to stop draining ammo after fully charging, thet’s what would make them more viable.

Shock/Stalker rifkes - meh, guns with absolutely no personality.

The rest of the gins are OK, not too weak, not too powerful, they have their time and place.

Although one of the issues are smart-link vs scope, it’s really unfair when you pick a gun that’s designed for long range but the AR/pistol disable it, so dunno, either disable that or add smart-link to every gun.


Meh, I just think the bulldog should have a standard short range 1-2 shot general kill as per the old shotgun, but it’s alt mode being the multi round auto fire long range bulldog. But that’s just me.
Everything else is ok, except the shock weapons. God I hate those things.
But nothing makes me smile when I pick it up. like picking up The Answer or ad victorem, and that makes me sad for this sandbox.

“Say ello to mai litta fwend” -explosive rapid fire and a shooting grin.

But different sandbox, different priorities.
But I’m not got giving 343 grief, the sandbox is balanced with infinite in mind as it should be.

The sandbox still feels really weak to me. The weapons feel less serious and real and therefore the game generally feels a bit arcadey. The lack of blood and the flood are a huge factor in that too though.

I still dislike pretty much every newly introduced weapon.

-The Mangler is an eh replacement for a variety of cool Brute weapons (remember the brute shot?)
-The Ravager, heatwave, etc., are all arcadey feeling laser guns that shoot paint
-The needler somehow managed to no longer feel like the iconic gun it once was (fire rate too fast, needles don’t look right)
-Pulse carbine is a weird knock off of the iconic plasma rifle
-Stalker rifle is an unnecessary redesign of the plasma carbine
-Disruptor is laughably dumb and annoying
-Skewer is cool but replaced the spartan laser?

As far as human weapons, the Hydra is a weird and dumb addition (why fire rockets if they so weak? What’s the point of this gun?)

Sidekick is decent at what it does, but instead of being an addition it replaces the iconic magnum. I’d still take the magnum over it.

Bulldog, similarly, is decent at what it does, and has a place in the sandbox, but replaces an iconic weapon that I’d prefer to have.

I just don’t like the sniper rifle. Especially with how little ammo it gets. Somehow just doesn’t feel like the same kind of weapon from OG halo.

BR is cool. Looks nice, feels good, but where’s the DMR? We’re not even really getting it in S3, since it will have no scope?

Commando just isn’t a satisfying weapon to me. I don’t see its value and I don’t see why it replaced the DMR.

Maybe making every decision based on “sandbox purity” and multiplayer balance is not the way to make a fun game? Not every weapon is equally useful or balanced in reality. A sidearm vs an assault rifle should be an obvious disadvantage.

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Does literally everybody on waypoint not play halo?!?! LMBO


I actually enjoy using a lot of weapons now honestly. Mangler I’m still very heasitent to pick up, but if you can land shots well with it it’s not bad.

Spike Grenades I still feel are under powered, I rarely use them unless I have something else.

Banshee I feel is still fairly week, exp if you compare it to the Wasp. I feel the Wasp needs to be easier to take down, and the Banshee should be more tankier, exp from the front.

Chopper, one of the vehicles I hated originally I like a lot better now. Slamming warthogs and wrecking them feels right now, and gunning people down with it’s guns as you do drive bys with it feels nice.

This is a personal thing, felt it since Halo 1. I honestly never felt the Spanker Rocket Launcher should have 2 shots before reloading, as one shot can cripple/kill large groups of people and deal with vehicles well. But that’s just me personally. It’s been like this since the start, and only worse in Halo 2 when they gave it the lock on function for that game. Thank god they quickly got rid of that feature too lol.

I feel the Shock Rifle could be toned down a tad, since it has a really useful function to deal with vehicles IMO. Which should be more of a counter towards snipers in general. It feels a little OP when sitting next to the normal sniper rifle IMO. Maybe make it that it does little to no damage to vehicles, only stuns perhaps?

Repulser I feel should be allowed to push objectives ( mostly Seeds for that one game mode ), as well as throwing them any further then a foot or two ahead of you shouldn’t be a thing. Makes it easy to quickly get all the Seeds into your side IMO.

I also feel that grapple shot shouldn’t allowed boarding of vehicles that are driving at max speed towards you. Which they seem to be able to do. If they can splatter you by hitting you normally, they should definitely splatter you if your flying at them while they zip at you. They need to also address leaving flying vehicles to avoid being grapple jacked as well.

The rest of the weapons feel rather nice though to me. I even use them all pretty regularly dependent on the situation we’re faced with.

I still stand by my statements. The AR is not overpowered.

It’s a naturally inaccurate weapon and you can miss shots very easily.


I still strongly dislike any new weapon.
Only weapons I like are the AR, BR, and sidearm.
The others feel completely wrong.


All the weapons are good right now, just depends on the situation. Shock rifle and skewer are probably too easy to use. Rockets blast radius still feels like a joke but I’m just use to it now, no direct hit you better be firing another or switching weapons. I can’t aim with the sentinel beam, but that may be user error.

Why’s it okay when it’s the Magnum, then?

Skill issue, Sentinel beam’s one of the deadliest weapons in the game. If people knew how to actually use it outside of ranked play, they’d call for nerfs. But it truly is an utter monster.

Literally one of the deadliest guns in the entire sandbox. If you knew how good it was you’d probably call for nerfs. Do you ever play Ranked?

Smart Link is just a lower zoom scope. The only guns that don’t have it are the Hydra and Cindershot. Since those have toggled alt-fire modes.

Fire rate’s been high since Halo 3. It ramped up, but in Reach it ramped up faster, and in 4 and 5 it’s been about this fast.

It didn’t. It isn’t the DMR. Functionally it’s closer to an automatic Carbine. In all actuality it’s very closely related to low RoF rifles from Destiny 2.


It could be worse and the changes they’ve made are nice, relatively speaking. But my core argument remains unchanged: Nearly every weapon has too much effective range. The maps are built more like Halo 4 and 5, and those are way too open, leaving you feeling a bit exposed and underconfident. It also makes close range combat and melee underutilized. This is a fundamental issue with the way 343 has been making games.

Sorry friend, but this all feels a bit nit-picky of you. To me, it feels really fast, maybe it’s just the sound design? It just doesn’t feel like a needler to me anymore.

The commando effectively replaced the DMR. The human precision weapons were magnum, DMR, BR in Halo 5 (ignoring the S2.) In Infinite, the magnum shifted roles a bit, the BR stayed similar, and the third precision weapon, the DMR, was replaced by the Commando. I understand they do different things, but I would prefer that they had just kept the DMR.

My overall point is that the game isn’t a progression of previous games if rather than add to the sandbox, it swaps things. some of these weapons would be welcome as additions but as replacements, they disappoint me. If the Commando was an addition to the human precision weapon sandbox, I would appreciate it. Because it is a replacement, I would prefer things be the way they were before.

Similarly with the bulldog. I think it would be a nice addition to compliment the M90… but if I could have only one in the game, I’d take the shotgun from Halo 3 hands down.

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I’ll take the bulldog. It can actually do a shotgun’s job. The sword does the same job as the M90, it isn’t strictly necessary in the sandbox. If it were to exist, it would be a pickup in the same spot as the sword and hammer. That’s just facts.


They’re both completely different styles of shotgun that function distinct from one another within the sandbox. However the Bulldog is basically the Mauler with a bigger clip and faster rate of fire, while the M90 is a slower pump shotgun that doesn’t require the you sit through the full reload animation for it to be useful.

Okay, so I think you misread what I said. That happens.

The Bulldog and Classic are not the same. I did not say that.

I say the Classic and Sword/Hammer occupy the same ecological niche. They are the same function.

The Bulldog is separate.

and four times the range, utility, reliability… the Mauler wasn’t good.

You’re right, it’s a punch cannon that reloads too fast. It’s the same role as a sword but strictly better than a Sword.

Too be fair, I have 2 jobs and play other games as well,dont have the time a lot

And this is one of the reasons I’m all against crossplay, as M+K users don’t have those kind pf issues and the gun in hands of a PC player indeed melts people in seconds.

What about BR and Commando? Kind of silly when you pick up a long range weapon only for the other guy to spray from the him with a pistol from the other side of the map to make them useless.


I play controller. Let’s see… My Sentinel Beam scores are…

Sentinel Beam 1: 32,630 - 3 Stars.
Sentinel Beam 2: 21,860 - 3 Stars. (I was sorta’ sloppy here, I can do better.)
Sentinel Beam 3: 27,800 - 3 Stars. (I could improve here too.)

So like, maybe you just aren’t very good at it and need to practice. Do you know how to combat its recoil? Did you know it overpenetrates? Did you know it gets a headshot damage boost?

Again, I use a controller. Do you know what the real trick to aiming is in Halo? It’s moving with your target and using your body to aim. Movement is half of aim.

Like if you struggle to get 3 stars on the sentinel beam on controller, try again. There is a clear cut and clean method to its use.

Why do you believe those guns are useless without scopes? Are you usually scoping in with those? You’re not really supposed to do that outside of mid-range. Especially not with the Commando that thing’s a hipfire monster. The BR has gotten harder to use without the scope but, like. At anywhere beyond close range you SHOULD be beating Sidekicks. Because their Red Retcile range is like. Half that of a BR’s. So if you’re losing to Sidekicks beyond their effective range… That’s not a them problem, that’s something you need to address.