Over a Month - No News

It’s crazy to me that it’s been over a month and we have no news besides a 2-3 paragraph “Oops, we gotta delay Infinite, our bad” explanation from 343. Regardless of Coronavirus - which I’m sure caused some issues for them - they’ve had since 2015 (when Halo 5 launched) to make this game. Since then, PUBG has lived/died, Fortnite, Apex, 5-6 CoDs, TWO CoD Battle Royales (3rd launching soon), Valorant, Spellbreak, etc have all managed to execute games successfully.

As a lifelong fan, we deserve more than this lackluster BS of an explanation for a delay. Of course I can lean on “this is annoying, but just make the game great” but i’ve been holding out for Halo to do that since Halo 3 when it was on top of the gaming world. Since then, it’s been on a STEEP decline. The once crown jewel of gaming now only pulls in about 800 viewers on Twitch across all Halo titles. Extremely disappointing they can’t update us better after years of disappointing us.

Let’s keep conversation on this contained to the active topic https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/29568daf8cd14083bd1b70a810bf3581/topics/delayed-to-2021-confirmed/ddde239e-ba39-4ebb-86da-952efd10c553/posts, thank you!

Keep in mind that 343 also revealed in-game music as well as one of the villans in Halo Infinite. Just because the news isn’t what you want doesn’t mean it isn’t news.