Over 100 hours of multiplayer, but haven't played in 6 weeks

Elden Ring and Sekiro on PS5 have been eating up my free time. I haven’t felt too compelled to turn on my Xbox so haven’t played at all.

I’d say the 100+ hours on multiplayer and 30+ hours on campaign has made Infinite a solid purchase and a good game I’ve enjoyed. I don’t get that out of most games.

I’ve had a little break but now I’m really feeling the single player games, I’m finding it hard to turn back to regularly playing Infinite. I think for me I probably just want more ranked playlists and maybe some longer term challenges to grind. I find an overall progression system unfulfilling, but I quite like working towards specific goals. E.g let’s say there was a challenge for 200 Oddball kills, I’d be much more inclined to play Quickplay and enjoy Oddball knowing I could make some progress on my overarching challenge. Currently Oddball in Quickplay is one of my least favourite things. I’m not too bothered about more maps although they are always welcome.

I love playing CoD and doing the gold weapon camos. Does get me playing in different ways.


I still play regularly, but I know what you mean. I mostly do not have the time to commit to big solo games like Elden Ring right now nor the time to start from a skill level of 0 in other shooters and slowly try to progress to where I’m at in the Halos. My skill does not transfer over very well.

H5 was not my favorite, but I do miss some of the aspects they implemented to incentivize teamwork and grinding. Commendations, the gold weapon skins, Achilles. Heck, I’d probably be close to SR-152 in Infinite by now had a progression system come at launch. I hope I am not burned out by the time features like that do come to Infinite.

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There aren’t a lot of good alternatives for multiplayer for me personally. Halo is the best arena shooter we have. I’ve enjoyed Overwatch a lot but the plans for OW2 have put me off a lot.

So if I want to play multiplayer it has to be Halo or Overwatch, but I’m being pulled more towards single player games right now.

Returnal just dropped some dlc recently too so need to play that.

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I am playing Sekiro as well.

It’s fantastic.

Unfortunately I have beaten the final boss. Currently on my new game plus run for a different ending.

I first played it 3 years ago, but yeah, I was not on the right mood to go through it back then. I was stuck on Genichiro, couldn’t beat him after so many tries. So I gave up.

I picked the game again few days ago, started from scratch. And, yeah today I reached Genichiro again, and managed to beat him just after 8 or 9 attempts. It wasn’t that hard in the end… I could see his moves and counter him lol. I was so happy.

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Genichiro is a high wall to climb early on in the game. He absolutely terrorised me, but it was very satisfying to beat him and after that I felt my skill level had increased tenfold.