Over 1.5hr in BTB waiting for a stockpile game

I keep getting slayer, CTF or total control.

I need to complete 1 stockpile game to finish my weeklies and activate the capstone challenge.

Over 1.5hr played and it finally shows up.

Despite this week’s challenges being more reasonable there’s still frustrations with the system.

I think not being able to pick the game mode you want to play is a huge hinderance. Honestly, if everyone has different challenges, and its likely very few people will be working on the same challenge you are, then why not let us pick our own lobbies? I think we’d all wait a little longer in queue if we were guaranteed the mode we needed/wanted to play, rather than load in, and either quit right away to requeue, or finish a game only to queue into another mode you don’t need.

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Yes, that would certainly help I think. I don’t quit but I know a lot of people are doing it because of the wrong game types.