Outrageous: Can't make my Spartan very cute due to paywall

skin is $10, not $300, what are you talking about?

Well I think your spartan is cute just the way they are.

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it costs 20,000 credits to get Kats pretty armor. After tax its well over $200

Maybe not, but the point still stands that aside from color palettes people went through with actually buying, everyone kinda looks the same. Kinda boring imo.

People only really seem to wear the starter, Jun, Emile, Carter, or Kat helmet.

If there is a skin that costs $200, then that is outrageous. I am not sure I have seen that in the store tho.

OP is saying she doesnt have the time to grind out the 55 levels necessary to get Kats armor, and the only way around that would be to buy all the levels to get there, which would be over $200.

On top of the that, the devs even told us that we wouldnt be able to buy anything that was unlocked via battle pass, so they outright lied about that…

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Oh god id do it just to mess woth people