Outrageous: Can't make my Spartan very cute due to paywall

The battle pass costs too much. Every spartan online looks the same right now, its soo boring! Everyone is wearing CAVALLINO armor: its NOT cute at all & my spartan does NOT stand out like she should.

I don’t have a spare 300$ to play dress up with my spartan the way I want to. I’m only at level 5 and I still look basic. I can grind for 20 more hours and all I have to look forward to is EVA - which is NOT cute at all. Nobody has ever said “I want to dress up in EVA”

I want to be Kat-B320. I fear I will be dead before I reach level 55. I don’t have that kind of time or money; im just a normal person.

I hope somebody with power at 343 reads this: I need help!


Second job needs to be added to system specs


huh? what does this mean? I just want my spartan to look pretty

Was a joke meaning you we need second jobs to pay for cosmetics.


??? Spartans are literally super soldiers aka killing machines… they are NOT supposed to be cute…

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Its a 1000+lb super soldier killing machine, they arent supposed to look pretty or cute.


Sure they can, with a little imagination. Gritty military sci-fi isn’t exactly Halo Infinite’s theme.


You gotta admit getting pubstomped and teabaged by an uwu anime girl spartan would be kinda amusing.


That would never happen. I would camp them the entire game.


My reach spartan wouldnt have Heart Attack FX or pretty pink armor if you were right


Uh, wrong person? I was defending you there??

I dont understand this new website yet! Sorry!

That’s alright! I’m still figuring out the website myself :]

I’m waiting for the reach kill effects to make it into this game.

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I’m still waiting on actual female model. Cause Kat is lookin rough in this game


This post is very based.

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The pink Spartans of MCC disagree with you.


There’s no pink in Infinite, so wouldn’t they agree? :rofl:

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@Revan_XVIV sorry misinterpreted. They would agree with the OP

Indeed. Especially with all the new armors across MCC, you could make something cute I’m sure.

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