Outlines need to be overhauled or removed

I found the outline system was bad for a number of reasons (more explanation and suggestions after):

  1. you can easily spot an enemy from far away

  2. it can still be difficult to determine friend or foe at close range without some tweaking and a learning curve

  3. the UI becomes completely overwhelmed at times with friendly outlines especially on big battles, but it also affects depth perception with multiple players in close quarters

I think enough has been said about #1 on other posts so I’ll leave it at that.

For #2: the first experience I had with halo infinite was not charging into battle and the glee of trying out the classic AR on my first victim, it was myself and match-made team-mates shooting each other by accident not sure who the enemy was.

The experience persisted through the night with every close range encounter. While the outlines stick out like sore thumb at a distance, when you turn the corner and come face to face with an enemy the outline is very thin in comparison to the player model and the colour tint is barely noticeable, especially when players have a colour pallet similar to the enemy color outline you’ve chosen.

I would say that as a fundamental aspect of any FPS it should be immediately obvious who you are supposed to shoot at and it not require a series of UI tweaks and a learning curve depending on whether friend/foes have nametags enabled etc. (also what happened to the lean UNSC tags?)

This problem makes the game almost unplayable for anyone who is colour blind (which is 1 out of 3 men FYI or about 30% of the traditional Halo player base).

For #3: my experience with every halo so far is that when I’m not being shot at I’m almost always admiring the exotic scenery and attention to detail as I cross the map it’s one of my favourite things about Halo. While I believe this experience is possible with Halo Infinite, in it’s current form the bloated UI completely distracts from any beauty and immersion potential of the terrain.
The biggest problem is the friendly player outlines that permeate any map features or walls. Add in game objectives and impending drop projections and the game is saturated with “virtual” information. On big games literally all you see are outlines.

(This reminds of when elder scrolls online came out and everyone expecting skyrim was turned off because of the outlines.)

Also, With multiple players in a skirmish the outlines also distract from the battle aspects and depth perception. A friendly outline showing through a vehicle making it hard to tell which side they are on, an enemy outline showing through a grenade or explosion…past halo games the close quarters chaos was epic, with infinite most of the time I’m left wondering what the hell happened or easily picking off enemy’s that stick out in the action.

A) The custom color pallete is obviously the source of all this so I think some serious consideration should go into whether it’s worth having all instead of the classic Red vs. Blue.

B) Remove enemy outlines completely and leave outline options for friendly’s only.

C) A better option than gamertags for friend/foe would be just a simple overhead arrow or point and/or the option to choose.

D) Make outlines/tags fade with distance and fade quicker the farther away an enemy is

E) Color code shield damage by team! (unless that too will be customization, but seriously these are pretty easy solutions and no one cares what colour your shields are)

I hope the outlines get fixed. I like the balance of weapons and curious to how the “infinite” aspect will evolve, but I can’t see myself playing multiplayer very much in it’s current state which would be a first in almost 20 years…

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I completely agree with your concerns. I wish they would just go back to red vs blue, but failing that, I feel like the best option would be removing enemy outlines, giving players the option to keep or remove team outlines, and making team player tags work exactly the way they did in past Halo games.