Outlines are a lose lose for 343 and the player

Not sure why this system was implemented in the first place because it ruins player expression and the need to buy cosmetics for monetization purposes for 343. For the player It ruins immersion, shield detection levels and mixed glow of friend vs foe. All I can see is a lose lose situation for customer and consumer I don’t get this descision at all. If you want red vs blue gone that’s fine implement a better system many other games have… maybe tone down the overbearing glow ? It’s honestly not appealing at all and also has several gameplay related issues as well it need to be severely stripped or tweaked before launch… also don’t understand why the MP trailer showed classic gold shields and the flight had shield colors tied to the outlines makes absolutely no sense to change something that was never broken putting more work on your selves when there’s a lot of other issues to be handled and addressed…

Why is it that every time a criticism is made of everything 343 does, it is given that dramatic and exaggerated tone? It is tiring to always read the same reviews with the same arguments and the same hostile tone. But improvements are never proposed, only asked to “go back to what was before.”

Also, I find this quite irritating because we have been seeing the same topics with the same arguments for a week as shown in a recent YouTube video. Nothing is contributed, just the same thing is repeated over and over again.

Part of the reasoning behind the outline system is colour blind accessibility. Anyone now wanted to play Halo before and has this was essentially shrugged off to the side. Having customisable outlines is a lot more accessible for everyone. You may not like it, that’s fine, you don’t have to but it’s really not a end of the world scenario like you’re making it out to be.

Outlines really aren’t that big of a deal. They’re already adjusting the effects to make them look better since the feedback from the first flight.

They don’t limit player expression at all. You’re able to have your own armour colours displayed instead of being forced to red or blue. Choosing your own armour colour in older halo games was essentially pointless unless you played FFA. I for one don’t ever touch FFA or infection - my player expression was limited by the systems of old.

Outlines are in the game. They’re not going away.
They might get a toggle at some point in the future but they’re not going to be outright removed. This is reality now.

They are addressing the issue with shields popping as it was difficult to tell in the flight and negative feedback they received. They are also going to make the damage colours when hitting an enemy customisable, although hopefully we can tone down the opacity/have it completely off as I found it unecessary and distracting.

I am much happier with the outlines as it’s better for all gamers with sight disabilities and it allows us to use our own Spartan in every multiplayer game, not just FFA game types. Red Vs Blue was always a really cool.concept, but I’m excited to leave that behind. Player expression has never been greater!

Closing as we already have multiple topics open on this subject