Out of sync - repeatedly...

This game has a real problem with falling out of sync. So far this new season I have played 6 solo games and fallen out of sync 6 times. Thought it was time to post something, with total game time lasting up to 12 seconds this is probably the worst I have ever experienced in a rts. I’m probably not going to buy another halo at the rate the series is declining (in both gameplay and bugs). Can other people reading this please post if they are experiencing anything similar… it might help get this fixed for my children’s children.

I understand your frustration. My friend just got the game, last night we tried the first mission on co-op about 5-6 times. We got “out of sync” every time after the mid mission cutscene. :slightly_frowning_face:

Every single time I try a multiplayer game I get out of sync

Same issues here, If its not one of my teammates leaving, its myself getting out of sync

Having the same problem it kills ranked for me and my cousin yap yap was present in all of the games

Good (and bad I guess) to hear that I’m not the only one experiencing this. Hopefully they realize that this; ruins competitive, because there is nothing to strive for and social gaming because there is competitive players in the wrong league (I haven’t lost a game since being ranked in low gold due to ‘out of sync’). If they dont see that its worth the fix financially, let me put it this way: current profits - less people will be inclined to keep playing the game which means less season pass purchases. Long term profits: people will associate both the title and the developers with the issue and people wont buy future games.

Potential solution: How did Halo Wars 1 do it? I think the game just froze for up to about 30s (from memory) which was annoying but a far better solution than stripping people of there rank.

Hopefully the issue gets recognized because I am really enjoying this game, especially since the most recent update. Its the first time since release that the game feels professionally balanced… sure there is strong and weak but OP is just opinionated now (in my opinion lol). I really want to keep playing this game but not at the out of sync rate I am experiencing.

We are working on a fix, unfortunately it will take an update. Don’t currently have an ETA on it.

Thanks 343. The patch is here!

after the patch, i present out of sycn everytime that attack the enemy base, and it happened to me 6 times successive, so what hapend with this patch???