OUT OF SYNC!! Original disk v Xbox Live Market Place!

There was an update a few days ago and the game is going out of sync frequently for many players! 1v1 is ok for me but any party game fails! My friend purchased Halo Wars from xbox market place before the patch and did not receive the update! Could this be the problem that many people have not received the update?! Replies will be read and appreciated! Are you loosing sync? Have you had the update if you purchased the game from market place?

It appears that the TU5 erased the majority of the 4th Title update.

the players who have purchased the game from the marketplace were unable to get the update for some reason, while everyone who owns the game on disc did.

The code that appears to have been altered were previous changes.

  1. tech 1 gremlins
  2. arbiter taking damage in rage
  3. a scarab
  4. hunter with assault beam upgrade
  5. needler grunts shooting at air units

Those are the different instances that I and others within the community have isolated the sync issues are coming from.

Whenever those units are built/researched/or engage other units, the sync issue will happen. I personally have seen all of these problems happen in custom games.

It has to do with players who have the update (those who are playing the game from a disc copy) and those who don’t (players who have downloaded the game via the Xbox Live Game Marketplace.)

A private game doesn’t change the fact that the code is still not matching between the updated and non-updated players

Thank you! I noticed it happened when a scarab appears and noticed many people did not receive the update! I prefer games that are UNSC v UNSC! Spread the word! No one to play cov’s until a new patch comes out! …and lets hope it’s this side of xmas!

It’s not just covy

It’s also anders

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You will find updates from the team within the same thread. :slight_smile: