Out of sync error

of course lags me out of a game and minuses 30 CSR from me still not fixed but yet pushing new expansions and leaders but cannot fix problems from day one

No way! :thinking::roll_eyes::frowning:Only 30, I lose 60 from disconnects…

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Still getting this issue… been happening since day one made two new threads but nothing gets fixed and then some -Yoink- locks the threads, you guys do not like fixi g bugs with the game I guess lol

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> 2535436352474473;4:

Stckboy is a moderator, and pretty damn good one at that. I apologize that you and your brother have had a bit of a snafu with the forum rules. Posting the same thread multiple times, or discussing moderation decisions is against the rules on the forums. Your brother will be unbanned in a couple of days, so he will be free to post more about it in a constructive manner should he decide to.

The out of sync bug, is annoying and game ruining in your experience. The developers are not the same people who moderate these forums, so getting pissed at the mods won’t help anyone. The devs do read these forums and work on solutions for these bugs, but they take time, more time than we would like. If you really are so inclined to refund the game, you can contact customer support and they will happily refund your 4 purchases. I really feel for you man, me and my brother share our games, and I would be just as frustrated if we couldn’t play together either. The next patch could be in a couple months, so all we can do is be patient, and relax.