Out of sync and network error.

Please fix this for xbox one it will kick me out of a game and either say out of sync or network error. It counts it as a loss. My brother and I play two-on-two and it will just kick him out we are in the same room using the same internet which is Charter 60 megabytes I did a speed test and I called for my Xbox and they have confirmed that is not my internet kicking me out of the games and that is actually on your guys and it has been going on since day one since we both bought copies on the release date you guys are coming out with the new expansion and expect us to pay $20 but you cannot even fix the problems that you had from lunch please fix this is very frustrating considering that we have quite a few losses because you guys will not fix this problem there’s been threads about it and I do not even see a moderator comment on it or even acknowledge it

Happens to me all the time. Yet we don’t even get a response fror 343.for the record I think 343 has done a great job balancing the game and every thing else. But when you can’t play or get kicked at of a game. I have been on the verge of winning several game when I get out of sync.

Going to lock in favor of this active thread, as you’ve already posted in there: