Out-Of-Nowhere Drop With Bizarre Details

So I’m playing a Warzone match on Snowbound, the match is about 4-5 minutes on, I and a few others are trying to take the Garage from the other team. I’m setting up a BR shot against a Red further inside, I hear one of my teammates shout “Throwin’ a grenade!”, and…

The screen goes black. When it fades back in a second later, I’m at the “Warzone / Warzone Assault” selection screen (with the picture of the Red Banshee and the Fancy Knight). The options to actually select the Warzone modes is not there; just the picture with the “Carnage Report”, “Spartan Panel”, etc. buttons in the lower-left corner. And when I go to my Spartan control panel (already forgot exactly what it says; it’s by hitting what on the 360 was the ‘Start’ button), although the picture of my Emblem is there, the picture of my Spartan is not.

What the hell just happened to me?

Happened to me last night too. I think I lagged out of the server, and then the game thought I was in a match even though I want. I had to force reboot halo to get it to work

Same thing happened to me about 10 minutes ago.

Happened to me last 3 games in a row

It’s been happening all day for me too, dunno a fix and its -Yoink!- me off I used a warzone rare rp boost.