out of curiosity

might be the wrong place but

i just wonder if there are any pros that play on a sensitivity lower than 3 or higher than 5

(specifically if any actually play on 2)

Almost positive I remember a Pro player back in Halo 3 that played on a 2, I forgot which player though.

APG is on 2

the higher the movement speed the lower the turning speed i find.

in halo 3 i used 5. in halo reach i used 7 and in halo 4 i am back to 5. tryed 7 but it felt wrong and i could do it.

In Halo 3, I played on 7.
I was decent back then.

In Halo Reach, I played on 10.
I was a total boss that wrecked everyone.

In Halo 4, I keep shifting between 6 and 8.
I’m not so good with a Sniper anymore…

I thought APG was between 3 and 5. I know for sure that Enable plays on 2 sensitivity, but that’s because he only has half a thumb.