Out of all the halo campaigns you played which did you most enjoy?

For me it would have had to be the Halo 3 campaign mainly because I played it more. I didn’t just complete it and never play it again. I enjoyed going in with friends and getting all the achievements and skulls.

Although Halo 2 is nowhere near perfection, I love playing it. The Arbiter’s side was definitely the highlight of the whole game, and the story was more interesting to me than Halo 3.

Really though, it’s very hard to place the Halo Campaigns

I enjoyed Halo 2 the most because the idea of playing as two different characters was fun but also the fact that it was so fun to play Halo alone. Now that co-op campaign is around people have just forgot that Halo is more fun when you aren’t argueing over who gets what weapons and vehicles and should we do the level this way or that way.

I would have to go with all of them, I can’t pick between them there too good.

I didn’t play Halo: CE until a month or so after launch, and I love that campaign to this day.

Halo 2 was the first time I went to a midnight launch, and the first time I plunked down the extra money for a collectors edition. :slight_smile: The joy I experienced when I booted it up for the first time cannot be fully expressed. I probably played until the first Arbiter mission before passing out at some point in the early AM. In the long run I prefer the campaigns from CE and Halo 3, but that first time I played through Halo 2 was special.

The original campaign has a sense of wonder and bewilderment you just can’t beat. You’re given minimal back story and a mysterious character, and left to figure out the rest.

Don’t get me wrong, the other campaigns are great, but the “new adventure smell” that Halo: CE had was amazing.

I would really have to say the first one. Opening the whole universe and the twist of the Flood towards the end. Even though I really like the others I think the first one had me the most anxious for what was gonna come next and left me with the feeling of how good the series could be if they decided to make more. (of course they did decide to make more :P)

I’d have to agree with CortanaV, I’m a sucker for new adventure smell.

Combat Evolved is my favorite Halo campaign experience from start to finish for many of the same reasons others have stated – mainly the fact that it was so new and fresh… and epic. The moment you step from the escape pod onto the Halo’s surface is still one of my all-time favorite moments in terms of storytelling and conveying a sense of scale and wonder (and not just in relation to video games, but across all media – movies, television, books, comics, etc.).


I have to agree halo 3 campain was one of the best. not only could you play with your friends. but on alot of the early levels you were surounded by marines so it didnt feel like a lnoe wolf game when you werew by yourself

All of them are really good but for me Halo CE, it was just perfect start to a great franchise and could’nt have got a better opening.

Ce, 2, 3 and ODST , I actually enjoyed all of them, I guess anything involving the Universe of Halo. I would play again CE and 3 many times , ODST seems tempting too . . and 2.

Alright, If I had to pick one it would be —> CE.

Difficult question, but at the moment, I would choose Halo 3… Halo 3 hit home for me everything I had wanted out of Halo since I first beat the original almost a decade ago.

Besides many of the other experiences already described about Halo 1 that hit people hard, the Maw warthog run (and everything leading up to it, the fall of Foehammer, the music, the timer) - that was the most exciting, fun, and immersive part in a video game I had ever played, and it rivaled in sheer suspense and enjoyment anything in any other medium. Halo 2 did give a lot of that again in New Mombassa, but Halo 3 really brought me back to that intensity and drama of the original. And it did it multiple times in all its different, epic set pieces.

CE is still my fav…but I can’t wait for Reach!

Halo CE, and Halo 2’s campaigns were a blast for me. I had so much fun.

Don’t get me wrong, Halo 3’s and ODST’s were okay. I just liked the storyline of the original two games better.

Halo 1 and ODST are pretty neck in neck with me, with Halo 3 close behind.

Combat Evolved. By far. None of the other campaigns have even come close to touching it in my eyes, which is a shame. Not to say the other ones were bad. I just thought the first one was that good.

Halo CE had the best story but its lack of unique visuals sometimes made me bored. The one i enjoye dteh most in terms of gameplay was H2, although i had most fun with H3 just because of its online co-op

Ce all the way. The feeling of walking out of the escape pod onto Halo for the first time was amazing.

> Although Halo 2 is nowhere near perfection, I love playing it. The Arbiter’s side was definitely the highlight of the whole game, and the story was more interesting to me than Halo 3.
> Really though, it’s very hard to place the Halo Campaigns

WHAT i am totally going to disagree with u i thought the whole arbie thing killed the flow of the game for me at least i like the fact that they try-ed to give u a lil change in game play but it would always kinda be a big jerk in game flow for me id be all n to me master chief sections and than WAM theed Chang it up to the arbie and his silly lil side story i mean the game is all about the master chief and the human race (im only talking about halo2) and there fight against the forces of evil in the way of the covie but u r entailed to your option and i respect that i just dont like the arbie parts of halo 2 if it had been a separate game that was on the same disc and u had to unlock it by beating the game than i might hale liked it more

Halo 1 was a great campaign. It was in depth and had a great story. Everything felt so foreign and alien and new, it just was such a great experience.

Halo 2’s was okay. When you played as the Arbiter was some of the worst video gaming moments of my life. Levels where hard to navigate and game play wasn’t very fun. The cliffhanger ending sucked, but that wasn’t Bungie’s fault.

Halo 3’s was full of meh. All the twists where very predictable and you could easily tell what was going to come next.

Halo 3 ODST’s was nice. It was a more campaign focused game and had a great little side-story.