Out if sync host booting..dedicated server BS.

Done. Please refund my game and season pass.
Not as advertised. Not even close. Play for hours ranking up and bam OUT OF SYNC RANK LOST TOO MUCH AT THAT. HACKERS CONTROL YOUR NETWORK MICROSOFT.

Think I’m done with xbox period. Every game same crap. HACKERS rule the server. If u smashing they host boot you. Kick u offline. Been recording everything thanks microscopy. Talking to an attorney next. You make us agree to your code of conduct but the enforcement is only against legit gamers.

Sorry to hear about your issues OP, but there is nobody on the forums that can handle refunds. That needs to be taken up with either the retailer your purchased the game from or from MS/XBL Support if you bought from the Windows/XBL Store.

To address a concern though - there are no hackers in this game. As it stands there are no exploits available on the Xbox One that would allow anyone to tamper with either the OS itself or any games that run on it. You also cannot host boot on a dedicated server, that only works for P2P games.