"Our Past, Our Future" - A Halo Montage


When I uploaded a montage back in 2009, I was just getting the hang of editing and thought about making another montage in the future. So with Halo 3 still very much active (at the time), and with the File Share system in place, I just collected clips. A lot of them. Then Reach released, and then Halo 4. Obtaining good gameplay clips was rare for me, so that also attributed to the variation in Halo titles.

Plus having the same group of friends that have enjoyed this series for so long, I wanted to create something that showed the best (and/or worst) of what our time playing was.

Hope you all enjoy it.

Very nice montage OP! Love the editing style and the variety! Really liked that it made me nostalgic of the past Halo games. Good work!