Other spartans in FUD .

Considering we will be seeing the Story of Master Chief in the FUD series will we see other Spartans ? I dont think it would be possible to show Johns Life without Showing them . I can see it now John ,Kelly,Linda and Fred all standing together in full Spartan armor ! So do you think we will see other Spartans in FUD ?

maybe… if not we will see them in Halo 5 or 6, they say they will have a signifigance in the story, but int in Halo 4. if FUD takes place around chief and how he inspired someone, there might be some other spartans

Please fix the grammar in your post, that annoyed me the most.

I’d like to see Fred, Kelly, or Linda featured in it later on, but right now the main focus, I’ll bet, is on the cadets and John.

There probably should be but…I doubt it just due to the cost of making 3+ suits of armor.

Which is annoying, since this would’ve been an ideal time to introduce non readers to Fred, Linda, Kelly and the like.