Other Problems

Sorry but I can’t find what I’m looking for so I’m making another post of bugs and suspected issues as well.

Along with MM which I only got 3 matches then none after update.

Day One and ever since can’t invite or join campaign runs.

The customizations don’t unlock; cards, tag insignias, backgrounds Although I’ve seen other people with them

Scoring stops at a certain point,
bday party graphics come and go.
Enemies fade in and out at different times
resume missions/save and quit goes to wrong mission usually one of the first 4


Is it just me or are the hit boxes messed up? Killing elites and brutes on H2 Heroic was a chore and this run felt more like Legendary.
I played the first 2 missions of CE on Legendary and the AI were way more Agro then I remember. With groups of enemies chasing you down,
where as before they would tend to hold positions where they would go back and forth between. I got through it but again this felt more like LASO peppering Elites with plasma
guns and save those precious bullets. Maybe I haven’t played for a while but damn that was a struggle!

I’ll load up my CE anniversary on 360 and try and make a comparison.

The stuff above this is obviously more important. I’m just wondering if anyone else is noticing this.