Other Game Map Remakes Thread

We all love the Halo maps we have played through the years and there seems to so many remakes of these spaces that we cannot get enough of. But Halo is not the game to have awesome maps. This is the thread for posting whatever Off-Game Remakes you made so they can be reviewed and perfected for everyday play.

Current Projects I’m Working On:

  1. A dominion based remake of Yavin 4: Arena from Star Wars Battlefront. Due to space issues I had to get rid of the altars on the sides of the map but I have a good layout set for the construction of the map. The map is far from being ready and I will keep this post updated.

Other than that I have started any maps. I am not a particularly skilled forger but do have some experience with map design but lack in the skills of gametype setup.

Possible Suggestions:

Terminal-MW2 and MW3
Hotel-BO 1

Parts of Mos Eisely Streets (Particularly the Barge)
Bespin Platforms (Smaller Sized)

Team Fortress 2
*2 Fort (As suggested by JGolf777)

Feel free to put up any other ideas and if I think they could work I’ll list them here.

*New Suggestion


2 Fort—Team Fortress/Team Fortress 2