Osman's Involvement in HTT, etc.

So, Osman is CINCONI during all this, wondering what her involvement in the whole HTT arc is. I mean as big as it blew up, she had to have some say in Ben’s nabbing at a minimum and likely the entire charade put on for his benefit. I know she’s playing damage control to an extent for the SII program, but has ONI lost enough clout that she’s playing clean up for the UEG, in reference to the whole embassy attack?

At some point in time the plan for the operation would have passed through her desk and whoever was in charge of the op would have passed anything above their paygrade up the chain, possibly up to her. Beyond that…Hard to say. I’m fairly certain that she’s got quite enough work managing ONI that she wouldn’t get personally involved in running field ops beyond the parts that need an Admiral to chime in (like,say, manipulating the Infiniy). As for the loss of clout, i’d say no. Supression of sensitive events like the embassy attack is something i’d imagine would be wholly withing the normal remit of ONI.