OSK range of the boltshot

I think it’s about one body length of a spartan IV minus the head or 3x the melee range.

what do you think?

p.s. I dont think that this gun is over powered, since it’s literarily useless in single shot mode, but it does make for some uninteresting game plays. boltshot vs boltshot is usually a toss of dice and i laugh at anybody who thinks this gun is hard to use. ALL halo 4 guns minus the light rifle are actually very very very easy to get kills with. makes you kind of miss the halo 3 br which you actually had to lead your shots for.

It’s single fire shot is laughable in a full front attack and is quite underpowered. Against unshielded opponents, i have gotten kills with when my primary was empty.

However, it’s the charged shot that has everyone at each other’s throats. Adapt-O police say (like everything) is fine and balanced. Detractors who have used the gun (like myself) know it’s anything but fine and balanced.

I disagree with the Halo 3 BR. I am not saying it didn’t take skill but i rather lead shots in CE than with the terri-bad netcode of Halo 3.

The only problem with the boltshot is the lethal range on its charged shot. It’s currently more effective than the shotgun or scattershoot and the fact that it’s only a sidearm doesn’t make sense.

The boltshot is a clutch-play making machine.
Plus it’s non-charged shot also gives headshots.

I’ve fooled around with the boltshot, and unless you’re playing BTB with a dumpload of vehicles I can’t imagine rolling with anything else. Its one shot kill “overcharge” can be rediculous for multikills. I’ve wrecked so many people noshields by hiding around corners and firing just as they come around corners.

Its far too easy to use. Its just really really good.


-Make it like plasma pistol where charging the weapon up, rather than unleashing the charge, uses shots in the clip. This prevents players (like me) from tapping Y-Y to “refresh” the weapon.

-Make overcharged shot use the whole clip

  • Nerf range significantly

-Rather than have the weapon able to fire any time after a minimum charge threshold, but before a maximum charge threshold… the weapon charge time should be fixed, and the firing time non-negotiable. IE, 1.5s after holding down trigger, the weapon fires. No sooner, no later.