Blue team all the way.

10x’s out of 10 - Blue Team.

in what a fight? a game of football? a beauty contest? spelling bee? you’ve left this really open for interpretation. And so I will say Osiris because I don’t think chief would make a good goalkeeper.


I like Blue Team better, but I do also like Osiris. I mean, they have Buck in the team, who doesn’t like Buck?!

Obviously Blue Team

I can’t imagine too many people will pick osiris. I wouldn’t. Blue team 4 lyfe boiiiiiiiiii

What kind of question is this? BLUE TEAM ALL THE WAY!

Blue team

They are both very attractive fireteams actually, blue team has the big man chief, all are spartan IIs with a strong bond with each other, peoples favorites are in blue team most people like Kelly, Linda or Fred. However Osiris has Buck you can’t not like Buck at least a little he’s comedic and shows the human/normal side of all marines and super soldiers which isn’t really shown in halo, they have Vale a human that can speak Sangheili that’s just amazing, Tanaka is pretty cool she was from an outer colony and survived on a glassed planet for 3 years and she still joined the UNSC, Locke as much as people don’t like him, as a Spartan IV, being able to go against a spartan II is pretty ballsy of him and he help his ground pretty well too he is for sure skilled and hes basically like Noble 6 which tons of people love, hes an Oni assassin, a personal pocket knife used to stab anyone in the back when Oni needs to.

Blue team for character and story behind them

Blue team, mostly because of their backstories. My personal favorite is Fred, because he knows that he’s holding himself back. He could be just as good as chief if he wanted to… but I doubt he could be as lucky.

Blue team. Their history has so much more depth than Osiris.

Definitely the blue team.

Team osiris cause they have Vale!

Blue Team of course. But I have no quams with Osiris.

I choose Blue Team all the way because they have bean friends since they were 7. Also the only cool meber of fireeteam osoris is Buck because he is in Halo 3 ODST.

Even in Halo 5’s gameplay, Blue Team seems to act smarter and better. Maybe it’s because Linda has a Sniper while Vale has…an SMG and Plasma Pistol.

I actually trust Blue Team to fight the 3 Wardens on Legendary, one at a time they at least do considerable damage.

How is this even a question lol blue team.