Orions Spartans Clan, Recruiting

Hey there everyone! Are you looking for a group of casual halo players who strive to win? Then you’re in luck, the Orions Spartans is making a comeback and we’re recruiting! The Clan is currently being run by me alone (GT: OS N1ghtHawk). and we’re just getting kicked off so we dont have very many members at the moment, but I’m hoping to change that. So come check us out and have a great time, all are welcome, as long as you can conduct yourself in a respectable manner.( i.e. No trash talking name calling or teabagging), we’re out to make our name great, not tarnish it. On a side note, we don’t have the Achillies armor set yet so once we have enough members we will try to unlock that.

Our history:
The original Orion’s Spartans clan was created during the days of Halo 2 by OS Enzer0, OS Dark Knight, OS Demon Slayer, and OS Aquilas. The clan thrived from that day forward until our eventual dissolution shortly after Halo 4’s release. I have been passed the mantle by our once great Overlord Enzer0 to carry on the namesake of the OS and lead us to victory once more.

Our old recruitment video. (Credit to Enzer0 and Aquilas)

Link to our clan page:


Member requirements:
Members who choose to join may, and are encouraged to, add OS to the front of their gamer tags. Although, it is not required.
When playing together everyone must use the clan emblem in its respective colors. Black, white, and orange. Player rank within the clan may also be granted depending on your leadership qualities. Acceptance will be granted or denied after I get a chance to know you and review how well you get along with others. I look forward to playing with you all, see you on the battlefield Spartans. Yours truly,

OS N1ghthawk

On a side note, we have not unlocked any Achilles armor pieces yet.