ORION VII is a new UK based Spartan Company for mature gamers at all skill levels and play Arena, Warzone and Custom games on regular nights.We have started recruitment and are looking for active, mature and friendly players at all skill levels - ideally based in the United Kingdom and Europe.

There are a few requirements to join our company:

  • You must be 18 years or older - Be based or active in the GMT/BST Time zone. - You must be an active Halo 5 player (play at least once every 2 weeks) - You must be friendly to all members of the clan. It is okay to have fun and be competitive, but be constructive with clan-mates, don’t get frustrated if someone isn’t on your skill level.Whether you’re Competitive, Casual or Creative ORION VII is the company for you.

Hi Legion,

I’m currently looking for a group of UK players to play with, be fun to play a few games sometime soon, will be playing a few games later tonight.