Orion Project Spartan is recruiting!!!

Orion Project Spartan is now recruiting! We are hoping to grow to be a community of both social players and competitive players. We run on Eastern Standard time and are generally on every evening during the week and log some daytime hours and late night during the weekend. For now we are just looking to grow and get better. We welcome all kinds of players. We would love to get into the competitive playlists once we have found some people we are on the same page with. Expansion is our goal at the moment and we would like to send a warm welcome to anyone looking to have some fun and get better as Halo players. Our current title is Halo 5. Please don’t hesitate to visit our SC and put in an application. Looking forward to see you in the fight!


-Lockdown uG

I’ll be on tonight around 8pm est if anyone wants to get some games in.