Orion, Its back!

I am ecstatic that they are bringing back a modified Orion since after so long I thought they might have given up on it. Great news!

Sweet. Did they just get rid of the damage boost or what?

Yay! I liked this map and missed it actually!

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> Sweet. Did they just get rid of the damage boost or what?

read the community update

This was the first map I played on, and really felt like a ‘classic’ Halo map to me.

This pleases me! I’m a little upset it had such a LONG hiatus but whatever, at least it’ll be back. It was a good map.

I loved Orion. And then it was gone. :frowning: And now it’s back! :slight_smile:

I’m excited for Orion’s return. I never got much of a chance to play on it, so this news is welcome.

Never cared for it, but the more maps the merrier.

Just add my gamer tag if you guys would like to play it. Hope you enjoy!

Happy to see it come back

If it gets rid of Damage boost and all the cover near snipe spawn, I will be happy. Oh jeez, it has been long since I have played that map.

I enjoyed Orion, so long as it wasn’t on Swat.

Looking at photos of this new Orion and its amazing! Hey, while your at it, why not give a face lift to Pegasus eh?

Oh boy

its actually quite different aesthetically but gameplay wise similar. It’s just a very much improved Orion.


Oh boy oh BOY! :smiley:

Swat orion was terrible

oh nice :slight_smile: