Orion III Gamma Company


If you are looking for a UNSC based clan look no further. We are Orion III Gamma Company.


Gamma Company is the third generation of the SPARTAN-III program. The company was formed around 2543. Following the creation of the Spartan-IV program all surviving Spartan-IIIs were given the choice to be integrated into their successing program


Gamma Company was trained with the help of Tom-B292 and Lucy-B091, two of the four known surviving SPARTAN-IIIs from Beta Company, as well as Senior Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez and candidates from the previous companies who had “washed out,” becoming drill instructors for the later SPARTAN-IIIs. Not one of the 330 candidates opted out of the program, and at the request of Lieutenant Commander Ambrose, all 330 of those who passed the selection process were approved.
Every candidate survived their training and augmentations. In addition, they were injected with illegal drugs that altered the frontal lobes of their brains to enhance aggression, strength, endurance, and tolerance to injury. These Spartans received deployment orders only a few weeks after the Fall of Reach, and most left Onyx before the Battle of Onyx occurred. It is unknown where they presently are.

Only fifteen Spartans of Gamma Company remained on Onyx for top honors competitions when the Battle of Onyx began. Of these Spartans, seven were Killed In Action, and eight escaped into the Shield World. Of the eight survivors, five are now trapped in Forerunner Slipspace field pods, which hold their bodies in both Slipspace and normal space, but keep the bodies inside perfectly safe, a technologically superior counterpart of the human cryo-chamber.

If you are interested in carrying on Gamma Companies Legacy and become a Spartan III then feel free to message Te Taylir or TC Clan 205. Their are a few requirements however.


You must be 15+
You must have a working mic or be getting one soon.
You must be patient
You must be obediant
You must be loyal
Show respect at all times
Know RoE