Orion II is awful

343 you tried to ‘fix’ this map. It still sucks. It just degenerates into a campfest every single time.
I would try to suggest some map changes, but it won’t do any good. This map is beyond repair.
You’ve made a giant open map and given us precision weapons at both bases.
What the eff did you expect was going to happen?
We were going to engage in close quarters combat?

Flush this map from the playlists.
It’s refuse.

I quit every time it shows up in the rotation.
Ban me, I don’t care. I don’t care I’m leaving teammates out to dry when i leave. I have zero patience for wasting my time on maps that aren’t worthy of being played.

OH it is horrendous it plays terribly

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orion 2 is cancer

orion 2 is very horrible map

I agree its garbage

Yeah personally I’d rather play on Halo 2’s Backwash then play this sad excuse of a map. The thing is all that time they took to “fix” it, they made it a lot worse. I’m glad its only in Slayer (could be in another playlist but I’m not sure).

Agreed , time for some new maps , if we can have a weapon tuning test maybe a map tuning contest with the best community made maps and 343 maps put in a playlist and have the players vote and leave feedback on which work best for halo 5s mechanics and play style. I know there’s customer browser but to see some maps with nice polish and good frame rate would be nice .

Orion 2 has some interesting parts of the map, but overall I agree it doesn’t play very well in slayer. Maybe it’s a better objective map, I don’t know.

All the forge Maps are well done but I really feel like they just don’t play very well at all. White cell and Orien 2 are by far the worst. I just wish all the forge maps we’re removed in the Team Slayer playlist. They’re not needed. I barely get half the maps as is… I just seem to get Mercy and Truth by far the most. White cell not far behind, then Plaza and Fathom. I can’t even remember when I got The Rig, Coliseum or anything like this in Team Slayer.

Forge maps we’re fine at the start when there wasn’t many maps, but I think there’s enough now in the Team Slayer playlist that we don’t need the forge ones in there anymore at least.

Orion II isn’t the greatest map really. Some parts seem extremely open while others are kinda polarized in terms of where the other players are going to appear from.

Still hasn’t stopped from getting a Perfection on the map, though… :stuck_out_tongue:

Halo 4’s maps were awful, they just didn’t play well.
Remaking the Halo 4 maps in forge for Halo 5 didn’t make them play any better.

Can’t tell you how many times on Orion II I’ve spawned in the yellow “please shoot me I spawned with no safe place to go” cave by snipes 4…5…6 times in a row.

Orion II is trash honestly

I don’t necessarily want to disagree with the seemingly unanimous verdict on this map, except to say this: It’s one thing if the map is flawed in terms of spawning, or in some other purely mechanical way, as some of you have pointed out. That’s just sloppy map making. But if, on the other hand, the map simply plays in a way that is contrary to the accepted logic of the average play style, or if it plays faster or slower than people are used to, or if it only requires you to think a little differently than other maps do… then you still don’t have to like it, but you should be grateful for something that shakes up the formula a little bit. In my humble and very unqualified opinion every single day that goes by sees this game conform even more rigidly to every single convention of standard Halo 4v4 game play - to the point where the nuance and the variability, and frankly, the fun, are being crushed out of the game. Maybe I’m reading more into this thread than is there, but that’s what I’m seeing.

On the upside, it’s not Mercy.

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> On the upside, it’s not Mercy.

I used to hate mercy. I think it was a combination of how often we played it(seemed like every 2-3 games) and the fact i really didn’t jive with the map. My overall strategies have changed and now I do quite well.

Orion II still sucks though.
It has to do with the over all map composition. Two tall opposing bases overlooking a depression in the middle. Naturally this sort of map build invites camping behavior.

Orion II, dear god!

worst map in history

I don’t think it’s the worst map ever made, but it’s up there. There’s a reason mlg doesn’t play it. There’s a reason people commonly quit out of it.
I quit out of it earlier today.

Orion II… That’s the Haven remake right?

No, havens revamp is called mercy. Orion 2 is some God awful map 343 made. The masses hated it. They took it out of rotation, then later “fixed” it and put it back in.
Its terrible.

I feel the same way. I feel like I’m naked on this map. There are only like 3 good spots on here. Also, if you have the sniper rifle, its pretty much hard to comeback for the other team.