Original Halo Wars pre-order bonus content issue

I pre-ordered Halo Wars Limited edition in 2009 and received the game and am still currently in possession of it. Halo Wars 2 just recently was announced and the beta came out so I decied to crack out my old Halo Wars and play it again and realized my pre-order bonus Fireball Warthog wasn’t there and I contacted microsft and gamestops all around me to confirm if they have the codes and they dont since its 7 years after the game came out but, microsoft reccomended me come here to possibly get help with this issue. Since it is possible that 343 could possibly regenertae the code with me showing proof of course of my edition and pre-order. Also its just a simple consmetic item that dosent really affect the game in any-way shape or form but it would be nice for this issue to be resolved please help.

Sorry man, but not a lot of people play halo wars anymore or even care about it that much anymore sense halo wars 2 is coming out next year. So I don’t think that you’ll ever get that code again unfortunately.

Yea tru id like to try though