Original Halo Combat Evolved Sound Effects

Who else wants the original Halo CE sound effects added to MCC? I would love to have the option to switch sfx the same way one can switch the Soundtrack or graphic visuals in the Campaign. I know it’s a bit much to ask for “outdated” SFX but I think it would be great for newcomers to play CE the way it was in 2001 in it’s highest non-remastered quality. The new Anniversary content is great. There’s just not enough of the original CE experience. I know it may be difficult to add to SP or MP but considering that it will soon be released on PC it would be a nice gesture to the still fragmented fanbase to add another classic element to Halo MCC.

This ia already a noted request that 343 are aware of. For any other feedback you have relating to MCC, feel free to use the existing feedback threads that ar pinned at the top of the MCC Xbox forums, thanks.