Ordnance Drops Choices?

My friend told me that there was some kind of perk where you could change the items in your ordnance drop selections. He suggested I might try pressing up on the D-pad while using the perk that allows more frequent drops but that didn’t work. I am wondering if he is mistaken or is there a way to choose new drops if you don’t like your options?

Ordnance Drops are random,It would have been a great add-on if we had the choice to select our drops,but sadly no.

The Tracker specialization’s “Requisition” perk allows you to re-roll for a chance at getting different ordnance choices.

The perk your talking about is Requistion,it’s unlocked after you complete the Tracker specailization it lets you reroll your ordance. You can’t pick the weapon you want in your ordance though.

It’s called the Requisition package, complete the Tracker specialization to unlock it. When you get ordnance, you press up on the dpad and the options change, usually. Often you get the same weapon repeated or worse choices than the first time. If you see a sniper in your first set of options you take it, because the second might stick you with a needler, and if you do this on a big map, that’ll suck. Trust me I know.

repeats what everyone else says about requisition