Ordnance Drop Shell Did Not Open...

Has this happened to anyone? I had to use one of my frag grenades to blow up the shell.

NOTE: It happened about a week ago, but I forgot to post up.

…or you can melee it. happen to me plenty of times. a melee is all you need

> …or you can melee it. happen to me plenty of times. a melee is all you need

Good deal… It’s only happened once… Freaked me out… You can imagine my frustration…

i like when this happens
its like opening a present

Yeah, it’s happened, a melee should work.

What annoys me is after I get the ordnance, my HUD keeps pointing to it, saying “Incoming”

It has happened to me once.

A teamate was near my drop and was waiting for it to open. It opened as soon as he left. I though it was some way of preventing teamates to steal ordanance drops from other teamates.

I enjoyed the fact that I committed suicide via Ordnance on a Perfection game earlier, though that isn’t exactly the issue being discussed.

So disappointed.

Would be usefull if only the person who called in the ordnance can open it, This way the stupid -Yoink!-’s can’t steal it anymore

Save the clip and submit it to Jack and Geoff.

The only reason a person can pick up your Ordinance is due to friends calling in drops for eachother, which makes sense, if one sucks with the Sniper they can give it their friend thats awesome with it etc.

Its just people who abuse those type of things that ruin the experience for others, and I have never experienced the POD not opening… interesting.