Ordnance Changes

As the subject says, I really hope there are changes to the ordnance drops in the TU. The forums are laden with flames and I don’t mean to contribute to that but it is really hurting the competitive aspect of slayer. I am a die hard halo fan but 343 needs to open their eyes just a little bit.

I’ve accepted that this is 343’s first attempt at a game. I’ve accepted that this game needed 6 more months of development before it should have been released. I’ve accepted that the boltshot is a ridiculous secondary. I’ve accepted that the DMR is the only logical primary to use at this point. I’ve accepted that there are no ranked playlist (don’t even mention CSR) and that I am supposed to play each playlist as if it were competitive.

However, there is just so much that you can overlook. The fact that I go into an infinity slayer game with the competitive mindset, end up in a 550 to 550 game and the other team gets an insane power weapon in an ordnance is just absurd. That is in no way competitive whatsoever. Halo used to reward players that understood the power weapon timers, and even if your team didn’t end up with that particular weapon, you knew what the other team had and could tactically plan for it.

I really hope this TU addresses some major game breaking issues. I have tried my absolute best to stay positive but at some point these issues just deflate the “fun factor” in which all of the other halo games have contained.