Ordinance Drops in Infinity

This is written from someone who plays Doubles more than anything. Just thought that needs to be said.

I feel like there is just too much ammo in the ordinance drops. The OD is kind of a lottery system. If 4 good players are in a game it is not uncommon that a game will be won because I got a SAW or a Rail Gun and my opponents got a Concussion/Needler/Speed Boost. It isn’t all that satisfactory of a victory.

I think guns in general need less ammo in ODs. Not all of them necessarily, but certainly guns like the Rail and SAW. They are both pretty easy to use and are extremely deadly. The Rail Gun should only have 2-3 shots in it and the SAW only one clip. Those are the guns that win games and in my opinion NEED this change for balance, but I’d be okay with it for all guns.

This is high on the list of reasons why I refuse to play dubs and have since Reach.

Not that there were ODs in Reach, but power weapons on the map went twice as far since you had half the number of people to kill with them. Does that make any sense? You know what I mean…

Yeah, it makes sense. In 2v2s the game is a bit more orderly and predictable because there are half as many players as the typical game (4v4). So all that ammo can usually be employed effectively letting one dominate the map for way too long.

I don’t get quite as frustrated with the weapons that spawn on static times (though I still think the Rail should have only 3 shots even then), but with ODs its just a ridiculous lottery system. Just today on Dispatch I had the worst teammate in the entire game of Halo. Anyway, I got two SAWs that game and we just took over. Got me all the overshields and I simply ran amok while my teammate was working hard at losing me the game. Its just bad gameplay. These dudes came at me with damage boosts and sticky dets. It just doesn’t cut it. I should of lost but I got saved by raw luck.

Yup. This is why dubs needs (and has always needed) its own map variants and load outs. But it will never get them and that is why you will never see me there again. Which is just as well - I’d probably be that guy trying his darnedest and losing you the game anyway…

The entire concept of Personal Ordnance is broken and is obviously noncompetitive. In the last Infinity Doubles game I played, my teammate and I managed to finally take down someone with a SAW, so I had half his SAW ammo plus the ammo from the SAW I got in my PO. Needless to say, we won.

While I agree that reducing the ammo in the POs could alleviate these problems (I’d honestly never thought about that before), I think they just need to go altogether. Especially because some of the PO power weapons are obviously more effective than others.

> This is high on the list of reasons why I refuse to play dubs and have since Reach.

Team Doubles is one of my favorite playlists. In the higher CSRs, Doubles Pro is picked almost exclusively, so I don’t have to worry about POs.

Yeah, Slayer Pro is usually picked amongst good players. There are people who like it though. I for one actually vote for Infinity in Dubs a lot simply b/c I’m trying to finish my concussion and needler commendations.

In fact I think that is really the way the ODs should be: just remove these super weapons from OD all together but leave ODs in the game still. So nothing like SAWs, Rails, Rockets, etc. Keep it to things like a low OS/Speed boost/Neeler/Concussion. I would even consider the Hammer/Sword/Dmg Boost/Stick Det/ScatterShot too.

That might even be better than simply reducing the ammo to 2-3 shots for Rail and 1 clip for SAW.

Because I don’t imagine Infinity will ever be taken out, but I see these as very compromising solutions.

4 rockets on landfall ( 6 WITH AMMO) every 2 minutes with personal ordnance is insane.
It’s perfect in 4v4 or 5v5 gametypes without personal ordnance like CTF , but not doubles.
Yesterday my teammate and i had a total of 9 rocket kills in one game.

Its pretty silly. The H3 rockets were the worst of all the Halos so it didn’t bother me so much in that one. But in H4 its just crazy random with ODs, and on Landfall specifically if you play 2v2s in pairs (where you find other pairs) its all about getting that first rocket pickup on Pro. You can camp inside for the longest and force them into easy deaths.