Order of the Revenant is Recruiting!

"We persevere down this path of the War Born warrior, brandishing our holy swords as we carve our path across the battlefield.
We are a steadfast order baptized in blood. Our armor forged anew.
But we are no longer reliant on the broken faith, and corrupt flesh of an empire that thinks itself to be undead.
We are not the more deluded, for we have our minds concluded.
With machine and nerve, we break free from the tyranny.
We shall tear down your broken monuments of past sins and hold them against you in the scales of divine judgement.
We march onward as one, to a new horizon, where our triumphs will be infinite!
Our enemies immortalize us in infamy, our allies praise our glories.
Join your voice with mine, and sing victory everlasting!
We are Order.
We are Revenants.”

About us:
We are a gaming community with members from all across the globe, in a multitude of time zones. We were founded in Halo 5, but as we grow we play a wide variety of games with each other while still sticking to our roots. Our community rules and regulations are tailored to be inclusive of all ages, and you can find a full list of our rules in our discord server that you can view upon joining.

We greatly anticipate the release of Halo Infinite and everything that it will have to offer. We have a small group of PC players and a large group of console players. With the release of Halo Infinite’s cross platform capabilities, we hope to expand our PC community.

Rules and Regulations:
We have a set of rules within our discord server that members are required to follow, but we only have two mandatory requirements upon joining the Company.

Our Discord server is our main source of communication. It is where all announcements and important messages will be sent. This is why we require that all of our members join the Discord server. Due to Discord’s terms of service, you must be above the age of 13 to join our Discord server. We ask that you have your notifications to at least include mentions so that we can get ahold of you if need be. If you are new to Discord or have any issues, please contact a member of leadership listed toward the bottom of this post.

Our other requirement is that you must play at least a single match of Halo with a member of leadership within a month. It can be any Halo game (E.g. Halo MCC, Halo 5, Halo Wars 1 & 2, or Halo Infinite).

Members of leadership will check off the members that they have played with every two weeks, and at the end of the month, we will compile a list of inactive members and inquire about inactivity. If an inactive member doesn’t respond to the inactivity message after a few days, they will be removed for inactivity.

We always accept reasonable exceptions if you cannot be on for a period of time, such as school, work, vacation, etc. Just be sure to let us know!

How Leadership Works:
We may have a military-like ranking structure, but we are NOT a military simulation clan. It is merely to fit the Halo aesthetic.

Our Captain and Lieutenants are the primary leaders of the Company. They are all legal aged adults in the United States. All four are on equal standing when making Company decisions, so one person does not make all of the decisions, or hold all of the power within the Company.

Warrant Officers are our main moderation force, they help to enforce our rules, stagnation policy, as well as monitor our Discord server.

Petty Officers are our main stagnation force, they are active members in the community that you can play with to get off of the stagnation list.

Members of Leadership:


Vex 08
Knight Dire

Chief Warrant Officer:

Warrant Officers:

Petty Officers:
Spartan Wes

Social Media:
Discord: 9f2J5u7jMY
Instagram: OrderOfTheRevenant
Twitter: RevenantOrder
Twitch: OrderOfTheRevenant
Facebook: Order of the Revenant
Youtube: Order of the Revenant


The Discord server is also linked in my [Vex 08] profile here on Halo Waypoint.

We look forward to playing with you!


Love this spartan company everyone’s so nice and helpful it’s awesome


Nice company, I don’t regret joining and have met great people


Awesome Spartan Company, great group of people & always willing to play with anyone, definitely recommend joining


Amazing group of people. We have a lot of fun playing Halo, among other games. We do scheduled game nights on weekends but you can usually find someone to play with anytime. Rules are simple and straight forward. Age range of the members is broad, ranging from 14-50. Like I said, amazing group of people and overall one of the best gaming communities you could be a part of.
Best spartan company I’ve ever been in that’s for sure.


We try to be as inclusive and accommodating as possible, we are open and welcoming to all.


Order of the Revenant is a family friendly (13+) community of around 50 or so members currently. We are looking to grow and find new members to play with. We are not a group that is primarily focused on getting as many members as possible, we are focused on building a community that is fun to play with as well as hang out with. We have members from all across the globe; however, many of our members live in the United States.

Our only requirements:

  • Follow our stagnation policy |

  • Join our Discord server ||

| - We have a stagnation policy in order to ensure that people are active and involved in the community.
|| - We use Discord for communication, as well as sending out important information and announce events.

Discord: htpps://discord.gg/9f2J5u7jMY

If you are looking for a team to storm into Halo Infinite, consider joining Order of the Revenant! We look forward to playing with you!

can i please join your clan my parents won’t let me get discord.

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Hey just wondering if AUS players are fine to be accepted into the group?

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We have a few Aussies in the group man
Hop in the discord at htpps://discord.gg/9f2J5u7jMY to join up


Sorry, Discord is a requirement since it’s the way we communicate and organize everything.

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Easy work my guy, in for sure.


If you’re looking to join a Spartan Company, look no further!! Order of the Revenant is accepting new members! Whether you’re just getting back into Halo, or need more people to play with, our community is consistently active. We host game nights throughout each week! It is is required that you have discord, as it is our primary platform for communication. You must be at the age of 13 and up join us. The rules and regulations are pretty straight forward. In order to be marked as “active” in this company, all you need to do is play 1 game with a member of leadership within the current month. Before I joined this company, I was going lone wolf for years, but I found myself getting burnt out from playing with random teammates that couldn’t coordinate strategies or even communicate with one another. One of the best decisions I made 2 years ago, was joining this company. Halo is fun to play, but it’s even better with a group you can vibe with. Halo infinite is set to be the largest Halo comeback yet! Why go at it alone? When you can drop into the fight with a full fire team!!


If anyone here is considered joining if they haven’t already, I do highly recommend giving this place a shot. By far the most laid back company I know, it’s a good place to find new faces and relax and play with some people who aren’t randoms. This isn’t a grind company, just a place to relax and have fun. Join us in celebration of the release of Infinite! We are Revenants!

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Interested in joining and playing with some fellow halo infinite players. I am on xbox gt: manslaughter

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We would be glad to have you join! To join, please join our Discord server: htpps://discord.gg/9f2J5u7jMY

Discord is a requirement for all of our members as it is where we communicate as well as where make all of our announcements.

Discord link doesn’t seem to work…

Please add me, MrCrunchyPants

On most evenings (UK) and looking for casual players to play with


If you copy and paste this link into discord, it should bring you right to our server: https://discord.gg/9f2J5u7jMY

Please note that it isn’t a clickable link due to waypoint not currently allowing such

Looking for friends to play with.

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Definitely will be joining, I’m on PC and my cousin we been playing 4v4 getting stuck with random people

Me- D is pro 713 was onyx now diamond 5
Cousin- shanewinz onyx 1600