Order of the New Atlas clan

Order of the New Atlas (ONA) is a sangheili clan based on the masterchief collection. We are hoping to raise up a formidable army much like our last on Reach. People joining this clan should expect strict leadership. ONA is a convalescent institute for players looking to build their skill. We see small custom games as a waste of our time (what you do with your time is your business while in the clan, do not expect clan time to go towards meaningless customs).

Please don’t contact us if…

-You insist on yelling through your headset, at us or people around you.
-You are younger than 13 (13 is still stretching it by our standards, be mature).
-You can’t speak English (pretty impressive if you could read this far).
-You don’t have a mic.
-You are not willing to change your armor or emblem.
-You will run off at the first sight of disciplin.

Training is pretty straight forward.
-team building skills and exercises.
-BR skill building.
-callout classes
-advanced weopon training

Ranking is a simple and refined system. The starting division in which all members join is infantry. Infantry is the basic division where players prove themselves to command. After working through infantry players can choose from a variety of different divisions, all of which specialize in a certain aspect of the game.

Send messages (xbox) to myself, Apex Arbiter, or imsupercooLL if you are interested or have questions.