Order Of The Halo Books?

I have been a halo fan for about 3 years now and I have finished all the campaigns and i want to start reading the books. Can anyone tell the order i should read them in so i dont get confused. Thanks in advance to anyone that helps.

Follow this order and you should be fine.

Blue= Forerunner Saga
Green=Original Halo Novel Series
Red= Kilo-Five Trilogy

All Books In Chronological Order:
Halo:Silentium (Releases March 19th)
Contact Harvest
The Cole Protocol
The Fall Of Reach
The Flood (Basically Halo CE in Book Form so it’s optional to read this book really)
Ghosts Of Onyx
Halo:The Thursday War
Untiltled Sequel (TBA)

Halo Evolutions

*Note that Halo:Evolutions has short stories spanning the entire UNSC-Covenant War and a bit into the Post-War era of Halo so it’s kind of all over the place in terms of Chronology.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I however, recommend you read the original Novel series. Oh, and post above me forgot First Strike, which sits between the The Flood and Ghosts of Oynx. So really I recommend:

Contact Harvest
The Cole Protocol
Fall of Reach
(skip The Flood. You’ve played Halo 1 right?)
First Strike
Ghosts of Oynx
Thursday War
Final Kilo-Five novel.

That is my recommended order of the day, not for chronological convince, but for the most story impact, and similar to the order that fans received it in.

So really you should read Original Saga - Forerunner Trilogy - Kilo-Five Trilogy.

The Fall of Reach can go either before or after the Cole Protocol, or even Contact Harvest, since it technically covers a lot of the years before the Covenant war. It’s really a sandwhich, FoR, with both those books inside of it.