Order of Halo novels.

Hi guys, I was just wondering in what order I should read the Halo novels. I have already read The Fall of Reach, but I plan on reading it again, so yeah.


Fall of Reach
First Strike
Ghosts of Onyx
The Thursday War

Those stories are in order, leading up to Halo 4. The two stories below are prequels and fill in some back story.

Contact Harvest - Explains the beginning of the Covenant War
The Cole Protocol - Back story for Thel Vadam (The Arbiter) and Captain Keyes


The Forerunner Trilogy explaining their War with the Flood which also has plot points leading into Halo 4.

If you wanted to read them in chronological order, then its would be:

Forerunner Saga:
-Halo: Cryptum
-Halo: Primordium
-Halo: Silentium

Beginning of the Human-Covenant War:
-Halo: Contact Harvest
-Halo: The Cole Protocol

Final Month’s of the Human-Covenant War:
-Halo: The Fall of Reach
-Halo: The Flood
-Halo: First Strike
-Halo: Ghosts of Onyx

Kilo-Five(Post-War) Trilogy:
-Halo: Glasslands
-Halo: The Thursday War

They make more sense to read in chronological order in my opinion, that way you understand the next one better. The way I have them segmented i the groups of books that should be read together.