Oracle's Polyphony

Oracles Polyphony is a Halo clan focused on uniting players together to form deadly teams in matchmaking and clan battles. We train players to reach their pinnacle of skill in combat.

I am looking for players to help us build up the foundation of our clan. This last week has been very good to us, and were looking to keep the momentum. Many players these days are passing clans by thinking that the glory days are over. I am here to find people who still have a bit of faith in the community. If you are up for the task of joining this clan please contact me. If you have a question I would be happy to answer. My gamer tag is Apex Arbiter.

Clan details:

all new members are put into a stage called infantry. This is their chance to prove their worth. From here it will be decided what their role in the clan will be.

many positions are available for now. We have divisions which specialize in different combat roles. For example, our Spec-Ops division focuses on long range marksmanship.

our code of conduct is simple;

we will not tolerate disrespect to others, whichever form it takes.

In games, betraying your allies is not acceptable. (We understand that accidents happen on occasion).

abandoning your team in matchmaking is restricted. (We acknowledge that MCC sometimes kicks players).


our clan has a ranking system that organizes our players based on their service, skill, and matchmaking role preference.

I encourage all of you to give this a chance. Halo clans are certainly withering, but that can be changed by a few people with fire in their hearts.

If you are ready contact me on xbox.
my gamer tag is Apex Arbiter.

  • Apex Arbiter