Options for hud elements

I want to be able to choose what I am able to hide from the hud. I like that there is an option to remove the hud. But I would like to keep the reticle for example.

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I’d like to be able to choose to have hud elements in the corners like the older games

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i was thinking “Custom” huds, sort around the features, change color etc. as this could give the players a new level of comfort, and a more noticeable visual change in first person than armor customization.


Yes. Like being able to change what color each of the outlines are and how they are placed. Even options to size the hud elements how you want.

I’m honestly surprised they haven’t already. It’s another thing they could monetize.

I would like to see grenades and abilities in the top left hand corner, like halo 3.
You use the D pad up and down, left and right to toggle between everything. Have everything always on the screen. Say, top row grenades, bottom row abilities. Also, have it so you can adjust colour and how opaque it is.