Optional crossplay

I dont about other players but i think cross play should be optional, xbox and keyboard and mouse players have there own pros over eachother, but sometimes its just very hard to play when you turn around a corner and immediately get sniped, or if your on keyboard you might think aim assist is unfair, but im not sure because i only ever used controller.

it will be optional so it can be turned on and off, but when custom game browser comes out cross play wont matter because theres not really gonna be any competitive modes with the new forge abilitys, and its a custom game.


maybe you not know it all but this has been ask all since day one off the launch off the game.

sadly its something we have been telling then all for years that crossplay most become a option and not force.

and the chance its becoming a option has become really really low saldy since there not wane do it at all.

and crossplay we have now has notting to do with the imput you are using sadly its only between platform.
if you wane play only with players that use a controler or players that use KBM or both then there most add a imput crossplay system and thats also something what has a really really low chance off happing

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I’m very anti-crossplay being turned off.

Selfish reasons but forcing more players into the same pot means that my own games will be better matched. The more spread the population the greater chance of poor skill or connection matches for me.

Quite a bit of discussion on here on that subject. Quite a few threads to have a look at if you’re interested.:

For the 343i view, see this article:


  • Feedback: Desire to opt out of crossplay for various reasons

We believe supporting crossplay as our primary avenue for players to match make is important to maintaining healthy and populated matchmaking experience for players to find matches quickly. There’s work on our feature list we’re looking to get into future updates along with improvements to our anti-cheat systems to help ensure better matchmade experiences.

Crossplay off for ranked? Definitely.
Crossplay off for socials? Eh, idk.

Regardless, no one is gonna have fun when every match is just a sweaty sbmm. This is especially true for Socials.

It’s awful playing on a mouse in 4v4 sized maps against controllers. Especially with BR starts the autoaim advantage is massive.

if its for ranked or social playlist there have both the same reasons more so to not have force crossplay at all.

do you think that players that like for exemple infection game type will be happy to play against cheaters that are going use more speed hack or so then there destroy the fun for the game type for sure when its a super fun game type to play in halo.

all is it social or ranked playlist’s there both share the same thing if cheaters destroy the fun for other players in any game type.

and that is there big mistake there are making with it.
there think a anti cheat is doing it job when we have see with a lot off other game’s like cod warzone that with a good anti cheat system the problem is still staying in that type game’s.
for cod warzone we have see a lot off diffrend chance’s that are not fixing the problem at all.
we have the God mode kill system there.
the new one that cheaters cant see other players at all.
and there anti cheat system how many update’s it not has got all.

and players that wane have a turn off button for crossplay do not care there need to wait longer to get a match thats a sacrifice there wane take with it.