Option to Turn Off Crossplay

Mouse/Keyboard is more vastly more accurate than a controller, and it’s become even more obvious in fiesta. For example, the sentinel beam is basically useless on a controller, but PC players can beam you from across the map. I get that people like playing with PC friends, but why not have the option to turn it off?

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Yesterday I saw a bunch of tweets who said that every pro-player used a controller because the game was more tuned for it.

No, we can’t. Stop inventing stuff.

Unless you have GTAV levels of aim assist, there’s no tuning that can make up for mouse aim. And, I’ve seen multiple PC players use the sentinel beam in fiesta. I’m sure some PC players are just bad, but a competent player with mouse aim will almost always win against a competent controller player in an FPS.

Then why are most of the pro-players using controllers then ?

I’d go for input based matchmaking, I play on pc but use a controller and you can tell who’s using kbm when they can get 4 headshots with the sniper doing a 360 while strafing and grappling across the map

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Pro players who have played every previous title y’know - professionally with a controller probably, why would they now adjust to mouse and keyboard when they are already at pro status?

Looking at the 1% to validate a point is not accurate.

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