Option to toggle on/off Dynamic Lightning

Dear forumers,

First, i want to say that i appreciate the light effects that Dynamic Lightning brings in Forge and that’s the point of this subject is to discuss about having the option to toggle on/off Dynamic Lightning in Forge when we want to.

For me, a forger that likes messing around in this mode with 2 or 3 friends, the lack of the option ton toggle on/off Dynamic Lightning is just painful. Indeed, when I create maps with my friends, we are constantly switching between monitor and Spartan mode, testing racetracks, moving around the map quickly and test obstacle courses, occasioning the creation of a Dynamic Lightning and a loading time around 1-2 secs.

In a group, it becomes a serious issue and is comparable to a mini blackscreenthat happens every 10 seconds or so. I can understand that this issue is minimized for solo forgers, but it breaks gameflow with uncessary loading times when playing with friends.

So, I would like to have the option to toggle off Dynamic Lightning when I want to, so i can mess around the map without loading screens. And, when the map is complete, it will be simple to toggle on the Lightning and admire our creation.

What are your thoughts on this ? Do you think it would be a welcome addition to Halo 4’s Forge ?

Sorry for the errors, English isn’t my primary language 0_0

That great but it will not happen I myself love forgoing with friends it’s just to -Yoinking!- lage black screen every 10 seconds

For me, Dynamic Lightning is like posing a star on the top of a Christmas Tree or candles on a birthday cake, it’s meant to be the final touch.

Then, it seems just plain logical to choose when you want to activate this option and see your map at his finest state, after testing it multiples times and messing around.

The most absurd thing is that putting just one block generates a loading screen as long as when the map is finished. I love when my entire map looks good, but do i really have to wait for my unique 2x2 block to have a shadow ???

Yes love the lighting and it was VERY VERY VERY needed to help make Forge maps better.

But yes there does need to be a toggle option. Take me like 100 years to do just one map now. : (

really 10 seconds!?!? I never had that problem.

I must agree very much on this I think that if you had the option to toggle you could make your map run around and then turn on lighting to make it so your time is saved way more.

Yes, I was amazed when I went and played reach forge. Lol after turning into a spartan I sat there for a second not realizing that it was instant.

I use to mess around a lot with a friend on forge. Now, I rarely ever do.