Option to restart with full valor unlocks or to reset the open-world

343, is it possible for you to add an option to restart the game with all of your Valor unlocks, like a New Game Plus or to be able to reset the open-world (fobs, hvts, rescues, outposts, etc)? The reason I ask is that there are a total of 3,450 points in the game, and the last unlock just as an example, the rocket hog, is unlocked at 3200 points. This means that by the time you acquire the rocket hog, there will be almost nothing on the open-world to do. I LOVE this open world and I would like to play in the sandbox, especially now that I have finished the game twice. The problem is that a lot of the really fun toys are locked until most of the content is gone. You could tie these options to having a game completion achievement or to finishing the game on legendary or something. That way people would have to have the Bonafide experience before being able to do this, but I think it would add a little bit of longevity to the campaign, and give people the ability to really experience the work that you have done without the valor restrictions.

Great work. Love the campaign!



It kinda breaks the fun a little on repeat playthroughs.
I was hoping that by upgrading my stuff to the fullest it would allow me to make the earlier chapters feel a bit more fresh with the ability to use my newer gadgets obtained in the late game and the weapons/vehicles to allow for more dynamic encounters on repeat playthroughs.

Instead it only carries over the skulls you collected, the UNSC audiologs, and the Banished Audiologs. It doesn’t even carry over the 7 Ring Audiologs so you have to go and find THEM again.

I can understand us not getting a Wasp and Banshees until a certain point in the game, but STILL having an open world experience kinda calls for stuff to carry over into the newer playthroughs as an Option of starting a New Game + playthrough.


I have to third this. I would love to have these toys at the beginning with nothing done yet


Agreed. I Fourth this

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Please please I am here because I looked up if I start over will I still have the weapons unlocked. Would be nice to play through the main quests and hvt quests with that super fast firing br and sniper

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True with the campaign in its current state but I believe infinite is supposed to be a ten year game and if there’s campaign dlc you’ll be able to use your rocket hog then

Love the game but this would be a great improvement, being able to restart the campaign again with all the gadgets at the FOBS would really increase re-playability, as soneone has mentioned by the time you unlock everything there are no missions to use them on.

This is exactly what I said when I gave my campaign review. We need the option to start with full valor if you already beat the game or a way to reset the map to replay missions and open world elements such as HVTs and banished bases

Maybe an option will appear when the mission select option appears. I’d love to have this as it’s just tedious when you want to go through the game again.

I’m currently going through my second 100% run trying to unlock everything on LASO, and yea… if I could have carried everything over that would have been great.

Also anyone know what’s up with the forerunner audio logs being the only ones that don’t transfer over?

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