Option to disable non critical AI quips

There are 6 prominent layers of communication players receive that can be commonly present at any point together in a multiplayer match:

  • In Game effects (gunfire, explosions, footsteps) - The “AI” (map events, random quips about kills, etc.) - Spartan Chatter (in game characters making their own quips and callouts) - The “Announcer” (“Double Kill”, Triple Kill, etc) - In Game Voice Chat - External team communications (Discord, etc)At any given point, its possible (and common based on my personal experience) for information to be delivered to a player through all 6 layers at once. It is my belief that the game generated layers that aren’t effects should be concise, to keep players from missing information due to clutter of audio. The “Announcer” and “Spartan Chatter” are relatively concise, delivering information in a few short words, however, the AI is delivering a consistent stream of non critical information, quite frequently, with quips about kills, weapon pickups, and opinions on the state of the game.

Currently, there is a UI option to disable Spartan Chatter, despite its aforementioned potential to deliver valuable information to the player. Unfortunately, in the case of AI, there is no option to control it, either overall via a master volume control or (more ideally), to disable the non essential communications, like the aforementioned quips about a gun that is picked up or an arbitrary kill that is made.

It is a strong recommendation that more UI options be available to disable or set preferences to the rate of the “non critical” communication channels present in the game, mainly around the AI channel.