Option to disable enemy outlines


Submitting a small bit of feedback here,
I think it would be great to have an option to disable enemy outlines in multiplayer.

I can go into detail about what exactly I don’t like about enemy outlines, but it seems like low-hanging fruit in terms of ease to implement, with high payoff in player satisfaction for users looking for such an option.
Additionally, this would have minimal impact on current players that aren’t interested in the option.

Thanks! – and sorry if this should have gone elsewhere.


  • Tidalbasket

I disagree. I think enemy outlines should go away entirely because they do nothing that just team outlines wont do. But having it in the game and having the option to turn it off is just giving you the option to be at a disadvantage. That might be fine for some people but i dont want them to think of this as a solution that pleases everyone because it doesnt.

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I agree, I think, that having options for outlines makes it unbalanced for those who have it on and those who don’t

The game was better with Red v Blue, because as it is now, players are constantly getting confused by their teammates running nearby. I know I have in a number of occasions. Maybe we just gotta get used to it? dunno

Related, the reticule should not match the outline color. I think it’s sometimes hard to see it through the outline.

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Fair enough, I didn’t have that perspective, thank you for sharing!

May I ask, as someone that is okay with playing at a perceived disadvantage at the benefit of personal satisfaction with the game (myself), would it be acceptable to have this option in place only outside of ranked gameplay? i.e) Social Playlists and Quickplay?

(That is, if they aren’t willing to remove the feature outright.)