Option for Red vs. Blue

Can we get an option to turn off individual player armor colors during the MP matches? I guess I am just a very visual person and prefer the enemy team to all appear as a uniform color.

I am fine with pre/post match armor show off, I understand some people really care about that stuff. But during the match being able to just shoot the blue players would make my life a bit easier.


They won’t because they want people to get as much out of the customisation as they can so people value it more and buy more of it.

I don’t see the point because they’re covered in outlines and shield animation but that’s the reason they won’t.

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If it was an option you could turn off and on in the UI, would you use it?

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That’s the point - if you had the option then you would use it.

If you used it player84748584 over there that wants to be pink will appear red or blue to you.

If they appeared red or blue to you, they’d say “well I wanted to show off my pink” (that sound dodgy) “what’s the point in buying colours?” Then they won’t.

It doesn’t matter what I’d choose, 343 don’t want you to have the option because they want people to pay to show off their colours like a peacock.

Money, money, money!

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Yeah sorry, the pre and post-game fashion show is only a small part of the marketing strategy. The in game stuff is important to (to 343 anyways, regardless of how little armor coatings you actually see).

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I can’t count the number of times an enemy charges at me and I completely ignore them thinking they are a teammate. In close quarters there are times when outlines do not show up unless you look directly at the player.

I wish we could have RvB back, but unfortunately it won’t happen.


I too would like to kill the filthy blues.
Go Red Team!

In all seriousness I want team colors back, because the highlights does make the game worse. I don’t know why they seem hellbent on making sure that if an enemy is on your screen their going to stand out to the point where you could not possibly have a hard time seeing them. This even applies to scope glint which just looks stupid


Many threads on this going back weeks and yes it is a problem distinguishing friend or foe… for older folks with bad eyes like me this is a game breaker… I tried using a yellow shade for foe and it helps a bit but it is still not the same as red vs blue…it needs to be option… during gameplay, you can’t even tell what people are wearing unless it is the pink kitty cat outfit… ( is this what halo has become, help us all…)

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343i should just add the toggle for cosmetics and for classic halo colors. (Red vs blue) with the option to change the colors to your preference.

At least make some players happy and enable it during comp too.

Idk why they reinvented the wheel. Blue and red has always worked

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I know right I’m a older player too and sometimes It gets disorienting trying to fight. I still do well but it’s far more uncomfortable.

Omg the kitty ears. We have fallen as a human race