Optimization needs to be more consistent through devices

I have a pc running a Radeon RX 580 Series, Ryzen 7 2700, 32 gb DDR4 RAM, I have the proper drivers and everything aswell and I can only keep a stable 30 fps in game even with all settings low and resolution scaled down to low, when someone I know with the same exact specs as me with just 24 gb of RAM can hit a solid 60 fps with no problems.
I wasn’t expecting to get performance on the level of 120 fps, I would be okay with just 60 but its disheartening that not only can I not hit that benchmark but some other people with the same hardware can hit it just fine.
it would also be nice if a performance mode was added in case any one would need that sort of thing to even boot up the game and play comfortably, that would turn off any shadows, lighting and textures where need be. with the huge gpu shortage ravaging the world it would be nice to let people who cant fork over thousands of dollars for an upgrade play the game with a performance mode.

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